“The Tale of Benty-Tail”

Also known as “Benty-Tail the Chook”

Stan and his wife Liz love their chickens, and their chickens love them! They named their favourite chicken “Benty-Tail”, because she was born with a bent tail! This is her story.

For those who may be wondering, in Australia, chickens are fondly referred to as “chooks”. The short movie below is the real-life true story about how BeeBiotics healed the sickness of “Benty-Tail the Chook”.

One day, while feeding their normally healthy chickens, and collecting their yummy chicken eggs, Stan discovered poor “Benty-Tail” lying down with her eyes shut. She couldn’t walk, and every time she tried to get up she kept falling over. Poor Benty-Tail!

But this is a happy story, not a sad one! The video clip below is a movie you won’t want to miss if you own or love chickens.

Because this story has a happy ending! It’s “The Tale of Benty-Tail” – The True story of “Benty-Tail the Chook”.