About BeeBiotics

Stan Edwards - Founder of BeeBiotics Australia - and his bees
BeeBiotics Founder Stan Edwards, with some of his beloved bees. Ahhh, the Serenity … 🐝🍯

Welcome to the BeeBiotics Family!

As people who are passionate about everyday healthy living, natural health, and all things bees, beekeeping and honey, we develop, produce and supply a unique range of health and healing products that are natural, affordable, bee enhanced, pleasant to take, and highly beneficial for everyone in the family.

BeeBiotics is for ALL the Family

And that includes your pets too! Yes, even farm animals if you have those as well.

Or any animals you might have for that matter.

In fact, long before ever bringing any of our products to market, we originally made them for our own use … and our family (which is about as big as the the tribe of Israel, thanks to Nanna Ruth – but more about her later) … AND our chooks … and everyone else’s dogs, chooks, budgies, and the partridge in the pear tree (well no, not that) but yes, even our BEES … including using our products to keep several hives alive through some of the worst years of drought then subsequent bushfires recently, which together robbed some of our hives of their critical yet scarce nectar and pollen supply for several years. We’ve also found it really great for breeding and raising up quality queen bees, which of course strengthens the entire bee colony.

Not only that, but for years now we’ve also been dishing up BeeBiotics to our own Queen Bee …. Stan’s NINETY SEVEN year old mother … who almost everybody calls “Nanna”.

97yo Nanna Thrives on BeeBiotics!

97yo Nanna thrives on BeeBiotics.  And these mulberries she pinched from the park!
97yo Nanna thrives on BeeBiotics. And perhaps a little on these mulberries that she’s pinching from the park too!

Nanna has lived with Stan & Liz for several decades now. And as you can see, she’s still going strong! She is the proud “Queen Bee” of EIGHT children, TWENTY grandchildren, and some FOURTY SIX great grandchildren. (At last count anyway. It really is hard to keep up)! Plus several foster children and countless others who have been “taken in” or who have “adopted” her as Mum or “Nanna” over the years.

To be fair, we can’t honestly allow BeeBiotics to take the credit for her entire list of descendants (otherwise you’d probably never dare consume any!) … but we certainly do strongly believe that it’s helped keep Nanna “nicely tuned”. And especially so in her later years.

In fact, it’s only in the last few years that any of us has been able to keep up with her. Until recently she’d been fondly known by many as “The Runaway Grandmother”, having laid claim to many a spare bedroom as she frequented her way regularly around Australia New Zealand, dispersed among the houses of the scattered numerous clan of hers, as itemised above. Oh, and a random trip with her daughter to India for a few weeks just for fun … while in her eighties!

Nanna’s Chooks Thrive on BeeBiotics Too (OR ELSE)!!!

While Nanna has definitely cut back on her interntational travel in recent years, her daily dose of BeeBiotics still seems to give her the energy she needs to walk to the chook pen, so as to ensure that they too are happy with their own dose of BeeBiotics, and of couse ensure they are all laying well accordingly (or out comes Nanna’s axe!!).

And if Nanna has had enough BeeBiotics … well, it seems that even a visit to the local Ten Pin Bowling Alley is not completely out of the question for her ….

Nanna at 10 pin Bowling
I can’t recall if Nanna won 10 pin that day (or even played for that matter). But you can rest assured that nobody would have got away with any cheating!

“Stan The Bee Man” Thrives on BeeBiotics Too!

Nanna (and her chooks) are not the only ones who need a daily dose of BeeBiotics to keep themselves nicely ticking along. Being “Stan the Bee Man” is a pretty demanding job too. Busy bees bring in a LOT of honey … especially when they have BeeBiotics, not to mention another product Stan makes especially for Bees.

When you’re working with bees as much as Stan The Bee Man does, and especially when they’re “Stan’s Happy Bees”, there’s often lots of HEAVY honey and bees and boxes to move around. And usually lots of grass to mow too. (When Nanna’s too lazy to do it, that is).

And now that he’s not in his twenties any more (just), Stan always makes sure he gets his daily dose of BeeBiotics so he can keep up with his busy and active life. Because you never can tell when that “one more” heavy lift might just be around the corner …

A daily dose of BeeBiotics keeps "Stan The Bee Man" strong, fit, and healthy, for whenever heavy lifting might be required.
A daily dose of BeeBiotics keeps “Stan The Bee Man” fit and healthy, and ready for anything!

Why EVERYONE Needs to Thrive on BeeBiotics!

A healthy bee hive has a nice supply of probiotics (good bacteria) that protect the bees from disease. And even better, these “BeeBiotics” can protect and heal us humans as well!

The healthy bee hive has good bacteria in the bees, on the bees, in Royal Jelly, and in Propolis. In fact, in all hive products.

Here at BeeBiotics, we have concentrated the probiotics from our own hives by natural fermentation, and then added those probiotics to our products. We sell nothing but nature’s products for healing, from our very own healthy bees, which are all located in and around Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, in Queensland, Australia.

Supporting an Aussie Business … and Aussie Bees! 🐝

Amidst this time of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic causing havoc all around the world, there’s no better time than right now for all of us to make a concerted effort to get and stay healthy.

And, in doing so, to stand up and support a True Blue Australian owned small businesses, by buying our world class products, made right here in Australia, by none other than “Stan The Bee Man” and his own large family of Happy, Healthy Aussie Bees. We all know that Aussie Bees (and their products) and the best in the world! And if you ask Stan, he recons that he can even hear his Aussie Bees Buzz with an Aussie Accent. Fair dinkum! Good on’ya mate!

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Stan also reads and conducts lots of research, and sometimes he will post articles about all kind of areas of natural health, including healing of wounds, probiotics and gut health, the natural benefits of honey, how to maintain healthy bee hives, pet and animal health, wound infection, and much more.

You can also check out our full range of BeeBiotics natural health products here.

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