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Scientists are only now starting to find out all the really wonderful things bees have to offer us humans. Apart from well-known pollination and multitude of benefits bees have offered humanity since ancient times, research has now revealed that bees offer us much more (see below).

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Welcome to the BeeBiotics Family! As people who are passionate about everyday healthy living, natural health, and all things bees, beekeeping and honey, we develop, produce and supply a unique range of health and healing products that are natural, affordable,

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BeeBiotics Products

Our products, with Special Lactic Acid Bacteria, include: Liquid Probiotic Non Alcoholic Drink – A delicious drop that also promotes good gut health, and Spray N Heal – Spray on wound formula with bee hive probiotics added. For infected wounds

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Contact Us

Feel free to “give us a buzz” … Phone (from within Australia): 0407 979 252 Phone (from outside Australia): +61 407 979 252 Or Email BeeBiotics Founder Stan Edwards, at: stanshappybees@gmail.com

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Bees, and bee hive products, such as Propolis and Royal Jelly, contain special bacteria called Lactic Acid Bacteria.

These lactic acid bacteria are very special indeed, because they can kill bad bacteria, such as those that cause serious infections.

Welcome to our site.  We invite you to discover here how our BeeBiotics products promote natural health and healing in many ways, both proactively for those wishing to maintain their good health, and reactively as treatments against chronic and persistent infections and wounds.

We welcome you to contact us if you have any comments or questions, and we wish you, and all those you love, every health and happiness.

Bee well,
Stan and the BeeBiotics Team